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Scaling Brands with
UGC Videos + TikTok Ads 

We make Video content creation affordable & easy.

Premium quality "UGC video creatives" every month.

UGC (User Generated Content) builds trust & sells.

Real people, using your products. 

Our team of TikTok experts & pool of fully trained "content creators" will consistently create UGC videos that will sell & convert. 

We can also manage, optimise & scale your investment using TikTok ads to explode your ROI. 

A Full service TikTok Content & Advertising Partner. 

TikTok Ads 

UGC Video Creatives 

Organic Viral Content


$100-250k+ MRR with TikTok & UGC's

Hassle Free
Tik Tok Domination

You can't ignore TikTok any longer. 

Or you will be left behind.

Because your competitors won't be. 

And will be stealing your market share & customers. 

Real. Authentic Looking Videos That Sell.

Native Videos for the profitable TikTok Platform. (2).gif (2).gif

Do not miss this golden opportunity with TikTok

5x cheaper CPA's than Facebook Ads

Think of TikTok like Facebook Ads back in 2017.


A serious blue ocean & massive opportunity to explode your brand which won't last forever.

  • Amazing CPM’s

  • Traffic quality

  • Users from all walks of life

  • Ages & demographics

  • Technological backgrounds


A user base that is growing every day. 
With unlimited creative ways to showcase your products at scale.


TikTok is the platform you NEED to be running ads on right now.

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What do we offer

       Premium UGC Video Creatives   

UGC Video's that produce Sales & go Viral 


TikTok Media Buying

Manage, Optimise & Scale your TikTok Ads  

Account & Profile Management 

We post daily UGC's, comment, follow & engage with your audience

to organically grow your following. 


1. UGC Video Creatives

Fresh "UGC Video Ads" each month

Carefully structured UGC Video Ads are essential to make a profit.

We create "User Generated Content" (UGC) style Video Ads.

Each month we produce Premium Video UGC's using real people, with your products.


Taking away the hassle of consistent content creation. 

Once your products arrive to our "Creator Hub" - our in-house

video production team gets to work. 

Our production team writes, scripts, produces & fully edits every aspect of the video production phase. 

We focus on quality videos that get SALES.

Our goal is producing videos that will  CONVERT & SELL. 

Want us to create you video ads? 

  • 10 - 90 Video Creatives per month

  • Premium "Video Ad" production. 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Storyboarding / Storytelling 

  • Scripting 

  • Creator Management
  • Guidance & Consulting

  • Revisions

  • We Create a Script/Framework likely to Generate Sales

Complete A-Z

"Done For You"

Video Creation

~ Delivered Monthly

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Hnet-image (1).gif
Pink Sugar
  • Manage, Optimise, Scale campaigns

  • Setup + Tracking 

  • Create variations on winning creatives 

  • Testing headlines, different creators, hooks, music ect. 

  • Reporting: 

  • Weekly Performance Reports 

  • Weekly calls for first 30 days, then Bi-Weekly Calls 

  • 24/7 Support via Slack

We run your TikTok Ads

UCG content.gif

2. TikTok Advertising 

Ad management & optimising to SCALE.

The fastest way to scale & profit! 

Let us handle your TikTok ads.


By using the UGC Creatives we've  produced, and put using an advertising budget, we will get more eyeballs onto your website, and ultimately get you more sales and profits. 


We've helped established brands go from spending zero on TikTok to scaling to $50-200k a month through creative testing and high level data-driven decision-making.

Want us to run your TikTok ads?

A full "in house video" team handling the whole content production.

Focusing on video creatives that will sell & convert. (2).gif
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Not ready for ads & just want UGC content? 

The most time consuming & complex part of marketing your brand is

consistently posting quality UGC style creatives. 


We have an "Organic Video Content Package",

that will provide you with trending, and viral video creatives to build your TikTok profile.

We will post daily, unique and fresh UGC creatives. 

As well as follow and comment with your audience to build out your TikTok presence.

Hands off Organic TikTok Growth

- Daily UGC's + Account Management 

= It's a no brainer.

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TikTok Experts

Moloko Media the experts you need in your corner.

We get access to new features, high level instant support, and tools that most agencies don't. 

Meaning our clients get an edge when it comes to dominating the competition with TikTok.

Fully Managed 

In-House Production Team

Total Control on Creators.

7.23x ROAS within 4 months

Communication was perfect. Right from the outset, they were switched on, identified our needs, and came up with an actionable plan with things we never thought of. 

We have managed to triple our business within the first 4 months thanks to their monthly Video Creatives and with TikTok Ads."



Who Are Our
Services Built For?

  • Want to outsource "Video Content Creation"

  • Low profit margins with Facebook Ads

  • Can see the massive opportunity with TikTok right now. 

  • Not experiencing a consistent month on month increase in revenue.

  • Tired of working with agencies that promise the world & deliver nothing.

  • You have a vision to get to $1M - $5M ARR 

  • A deep desire to become the industry leader & flatten competition.


We only take on clients we know we can get results for. 


Making our offer a no-brainer...

Who we work with..

  •   E-Commerce  +  Info-Product​  +  SAAS 

  • ​  Proven Product-Market Fit 

  • ​  Have sales -  but need to SCALE ++

  •  ​ Can handle fulfilment when we scale you

ecom clients.png

Sound like you?

Book in a call below

Please Note:  We respect your time.
Our first call will be quick, efficient & awesome - with no hard sell. 

We'll only make an offer if we know we can get you

fast & sustainable results. 

Win/Win Partnerships Only 

About Us

About Us...

"We're obsessed with advertising & marketing.

TikTok ads + UGC's is most exciting thing to happen in this space in a long time. 

The digital world is fast - and we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront.


TikTok is a golden opportunity you don't want to miss out on.

Our perfect client is a brand with a great product,  easy to work with, and understands the value in partnering with experts & how transformational that can really be."


Why work with us? 


- We know how to Scale & Grow brands fast with TikTok.

- Your ROI is easily tracked & measured 

- We are truly passionate about Ads & growth

- Focus on Win/Win Long term partnerships


And if we can't help, we will just be upfront and honest.

Heads of Department

csaba (1).png


Operations Manager






Content Creator Manager



Lead Media Buyer



Creative Director



Video Editing & Production

We have a collective of over 

500+ fully trained UGC content creators.

Matched to YOUR brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

- How long will it take before receiving Video Content? 

Once you've paid the invoice, we get to work. 

It will take approximately 7 days to receive your product. Then 7-14 days for our content creators to complete the first batch of creatives. The remaining 2 weeks of the month you will receive more creatives.

The following months the process is a lot quicker as we will have your product, and will have an idea what is working and whats not. 

- What guarantee do you have that you will get us results? 

Unfortunately we can't give guarantees. Be aware of anyone offering such. We will only take you on as a client if we know we can help you. And will be realistic with expectations. 

- We've worked with agencies in the past who never delivered. How are you different? 

We see ourselves as an extension of your business. And we only work with clients who we are confident we can get results with before hand. This makes life easier for everything. Our TikTok content and advertising offer is so popular at the moment it only makes sense to work with brands we can grow alongside with. Our content creation is done in-house, so maintain quality. And our Media Buying results speak for themselves. We have a structured advertising process which simply put. Gets results. 

- Do you handle absolutely everything?

Our main offer is TikTok Ads + UGC video creatives + Organic Video Content.

Yes, we handle everything from start to finish. We will create the video creatives using our expert content team, and can handle the ads that will generate you crazy returns and profit.


 - How can you get results if you haven't worked in my specific niche before?

Good question. This is a common misconception we consistently prove wrong. Our process of content creation deep dives into your competitors, as well as utlises the current trends and creatives that are getting results. 
And in terms of the content creators, we are able to direct them to film the correct content is virtually any niche or product. 

And then advertising is advertising. Which is about testing, optimising and scaling winner creatives and campaigns and rinsing and repeating.  

-  Do You Handle Copywriting and the Creative Brief for each campaign?

This is our favourite question. You bet. Copywriting is what we hold above all else. We've seen time and time again the importance of great copywriting. The way in which you position your webinars, opt-in pages and offers is the single most important aspect of your advertising. We build high-converting copy takes ice-cold prospects and fiercely transforms them into high-paying customers.

- How does the UGC creative process work? 

We will create a breif for each ad campaign. Your product will be sent to our team who will then create the premium quality UGC content. We then post it on your TikTok feed for organic traction, and also use it for the Media Buying where can scale your advertising investment! 

- Why should we partner you over the millions of annoying Agencies who contact us every day?

With TikTok being so new and the barrier of entry alot harder than Facebook ads ect.... you are in trusted hands with us. We have spent months and months finely tuning our process which has many moving parts. From Copywriting creative breifs, managing the content creators, media buying, analysing why successful videos are successful -  It is a full operation. 

Rest assured we will over deliver.


- Do you have pricing and packages?

Because each brand is different, we need to have a quick chat to find out where your business is currently at, and what are you goals. 

We operate on a monthly retainer and/or performance incentive. There are no long term contracts and you can cancel anytime. 

Ready to Scale Profitably with TikTok Ads 

through our premium

UGC creatives & Ad Buying Framework?

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