TikTok Growth Package

We will build your TikTok Social Media Presence with real, authentic people who are interested in your brand & profile.


Complete Hassle-Free Service


-  30 x "UGC Video/TikToks" each month.
Scripted, Edited & Produced by our experienced "in-house" video production team, using your products/services.


- Full TikTok Account Management 

Social media manager posts the content daily  + engages & interacts with your audience to build & grow your organic following with real people, who are actually interested in your brand. 

Easily outsource your TikTok growth to a team of dedicated experts.

Watch your revenue grow with new customers with this exciting TikTok opportunity.​


What are UGC's?

UGC's stand for User-Generated Content. 

UGC's or TikToks - are a style of video that uses normal people, using your product. They are recorded, and then edited to they are "native" to the TikTok platform.


This TikTok/UGC style of content can be used for your Instagram, Facebook or Youtube Shorts - as it's such an incredibly powerful style of content and very engaging and addictive. (2).gif

Creating these UGC "TikToks" on a consistent basis is a nightmare to manage for most brands.

Which is where we can help.

We build your TikTok brand

We take the hassle away from building your TikTok profile leaving you to focus on other areas of your business.

Boost Brand Awareness

If you aren't building your brand on TikTok, your competitors will be - and will be stealing your customers & market share.

Want to get into retail?

It's essential to have a strong TikTok presence if you want to get into retail as they know the power it has to get your products off the shelves. 

Go Viral 

TikTok actively tries to take each video viral compared to other platforms. 

Transforming your business & revenue literally over night. 

Content is King 

TikTok is a creative focused platform, meaning it's essential to be posting consistent Videos on a daily basis that is jumps on the current trends.

Increase Advertising ROI

When you decide to run TikTok ads, having a strong presence will increase your advertising ROI. We will also know what content is resonating best with your audience meaning less ad spend wastage.

How do we do this:


You send us your product. We handle the rest. Hassle-free TikTok Domination. 

30 x “UGC style” Videos with your products/service each month 


  • Our In-house video production team scripts, creates & edits "UGC style" videos.

  • Using real, authentic creators that match YOUR brand. 

  • Edited to jump on the latest trends & sounds to get your brand going Viral

  • We have the capacity to produce more than 1 per day if required. 


To make things even more hands-off and making this an ABSOLUTE no-brainer, we also provide....

A dedicated Social Media Manager :


  • Who will post your newly created “Organic UGC Video” each day on your behalf 

  • Actively engage and interact with potential customers to grown your audience organically. 

  • Eg. Following, liking and replying to comments. 


This package is essential for any brand looking to jump onto this golden opportunity with TikTok.

We simplify your entire TikTok video content creation & profile growth..

Outsource entire process to a team of experts - at an investment that simply makes sense.

Daily Video Content Creation + TikTok Account Management 

$2,799 per month 


How long will it take to start?

The first video will be posted roughly 10 days after receiving products. 

I am interested, what is the next step?

After making payment, you will be required to fill out a questionnaire. Where we find out target market, competitors, unique selling points about your brand, access to your TikTok account, any other assets or videos you already have ect ect.

Where do I ship my products? 

Products will be shipped to our creator hub in Chicago or Budapest. From there, we take care of the rest. 

Can I have a say into the type of content creators you use? 

Yes of course. 

Schedule a quick call below. 

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